How to get started

Interested in racing karts?  We would love you to join our club.

Are you ready to get started? 

Here are some recommendations on buying a kart that you can race with us.

Most of our drivers run a TAG 125cc, 2 cycle engine kart. Tag just stands for “touch and go” meaning you push a button and the kart starts. CRG and Tony Kart are popular chassis and you’ll either have an X30 125cc engine, RoK 125cc engine or Rotax 125cc engine.  Most drivers 13+ will run a full size kart. If you are age 13 to 14 then usually you will run the kart in the Junior Class unless you have a waiver to run with the adult class. At age 15+ then you can usually run in the adult class with your full size kart.

CRG Chassis KT5 or KT2 with either an IAME X30 125cc Engine or Rok 125cc Engine (This is a full size kart)

Tony Kart Chassis with an IAME X30 125cc Engine or a RoK Engine 125cc (This is a full size kart)

If your kid is age 5 to 7 then usually you will have a “Kid’s Kart”.

If your kid is age 7 to 12 then usually you will have a “Cadet Kart”.

If your kid is age 13+ then usually you will have them in a “Senior Kart” or “Full Size Kart”. They will run in the “Junior Class” but it will be a full size kart.

If you are 15+ then you will have a “Senior Kart” and will run in the “Senior Class” with all adults.

Where do you buy or find a kart? Here are some recommendations:

If you buy new then you can check out Acceleration Karting

If you want to buy used then you should look in cities that have kart clubs. For example: Boise, Idaho, Spokane, Washington, Tri-Cities, Washington, Salt Lake City and our club in Helena, Montana would be good areas to search for a kart. 

Go on Facebook and join groups that are about Karting. These groups have classifieds and drivers buy and sell karts and parts. Also, you can check Facebook Market Place.

Also, Craigslist and each cities Newspaper that have online classifieds would be a good place to look. Additionally, you might check as well.

A reminder, FUN KARTS that you may find at Wal-Mart, Costco, Sams Club, etc. are not intended for kart sprint/road courses. These karts will not pass a safety inspection and cannot be covered by our insurance program, therefore, we cannot allow them on the property, sorry.

Are you interested in learning how to join our club? Email us: [email protected]