Interested in racing karts?  Here is some info to read.

Are you thinking of racing? We would love to have you join our club. At the Montana Karting Association we have an amazing group of drivers that help each other and we want everyone to just have fun!

Below is a list of gear that is required:

  • Helmet with face shield
  • Neck Brace
  • Racing Shoes or at least tennis shoes
  • Racing Suit
  • Rib/Chest Protector
  • Evinco Blue Tires is our preferred club tire for Senior and Junior Class – this is a hard compound that holds up well for our track surface. (Our current rule for tires is that what ever tires you start your first heat race then you must stay on those same tires for all of the heat races and the main event race. – Exception is if you have a tire that blows out then you can replace just the tire that had the blow out with club approval.) Shifter Class preferred club tire is Evinco Blue or Evinco Red. If you are new to the club we don’t require that you use our tires for the first race.

    • Junior Class – No requirement
    • Senior Class – Minimum weight 355 lbs (this is the kart, driver, fuel and all of the gear)
    • Shifter Class – Minimum weight 385 lbs (this is the kart, driver, fuel and all of the gear)

Link to the National Karting Alliance (NKA) website to request a copy of the rules – Click Here

NKA Tech Form – Click Here

Pit Area

No driving karts behind the pit wall. Please push your kart to the pits and then you can start your kart. Raise your hand when entering or leaving the pits.

Race Cautions

When the flag person decides to throw a red flag for a kart incident the leader is to bring the field to the start finish line and either enter the pits or pull to the side at the start finish line. No passing is allowed under caution and everyone will stop their karts until given the go ahead to fire up the engines. Then we do a single file restart and everyone is to stay grouped together and do a lap around and go all out only when the flag person throws the green flag. No passing is allowed before the start finish line.

When the flag person decides to throw a yellow flag then you need to slow down and not pass anyone during the yellow flag.  No laps count under caution.

If the flag person points a black flag at a driver then that driver is supposed to go to the pit area. It might be that you have a mechanical issue or it could be that you are being to aggressive on the track. Remember these karts are not supposed to collide with each other. These karts are open wheel like Formula 1 or Indy Car and are not designed to hit each other like in Nascar. Bad things happen quickly when karts collide.

Race Starts

For the senior kart class we have a rolling start two wide. Drivers are supposed to stay grouped together to take the green flag. No passing for position is allowed until crossing the start finish line.

For the junior kart class we have a rolling start that is single file. Drivers are supposed to stay grouped together to take the green flag. No passing for position is allowed until crossing the start finish line.

Racing Lines

It is the responsibility of the kart that is trying to make a pass to make it cleanly and safely. As a general rule the kart making the pass needs to at least pull even with the kart they are passing so the kart getting passed can see that you are there. If they cannot see you and you are passing on the right and the next curve is to the right you should anticipate they will be coming into your lane. If you are both racing side by side and each of you can see each other then the kart that is on the inside of the next curve has the position on the other kart. Hopefully, one of you will yield to the other kart.

Kart Classes

  • Senior Kart Class – Tag 125cc (other karts may be allowed to race with this group, i.e. 100cc) (Minimum weight is 355 lbs)
  • Junior Kart Class – Tag 80cc, 100cc & 125cc (other karts may be allowed to race with this group) Also, if we have enough 4-stroke karts we may have them in their own class, otherwise they will run with TAG 2-cycle karts. No requirement for weight on the junior class.
  • Shifter Kart Class – 125cc (Minimum weight is 385 lbs)

All karts need to be checked for safety. And all karts need to have a front and back bumper. All parts need to be securely attached. Most senior class drivers in the club have a TAG 125cc kart. We do have several drivers that have shifter karts and we may put them in another class if we get more.

Point Structure: To get points in the main event on race day you must at least start the race and then you get points based upon where you finish. Also, we will drop each drivers 2 lowest scores out of the 10 race season to determine the Montana Karting season champion. Below are the points awarded for each position. In the event of a tie for a position the winner of that position will be determined by the highest number of wins between the two drivers for the position in the main event races. If no wins or it is a tie again for the number of wins then the driver that had more finishes above the other driver in the main event races will be determined the winner of that position.

The starting grid for the main event race is based on the fastest lap times in any of the previous 3 heat races leading up to the main event race. The lap times are recorded from your AIM MyChron. If there is a tie for the fastest lap between drivers then whoever has the highest average finishes in all of the heat races will break the tie between the drivers. If you do not have an AIM MyChron you will start in the back or you can ask officials to place you by your average finish from all 3 of the heat races and they will make that decision.

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place 6th Place 7th Place 8th Place 9th Place 10 Place
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Are you interested in learning how to join our club? Email us: [email protected]